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Cedric ter Bals' contribution for

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland re-release

The Other Book 2022 bookmark

Newspaper The Arpsianist

by Arpsianism

Artwork by Rik Buter

We Are All Ears thesis by

Greta Facchinato

Stencilwerck is a Riso Print room based in The Hague. Please feel free to drop by, please make an appointment: Stencilwerck is een Riso drukkerij in Den Haag, onze specialistie is werken met en voor kunstenaars, kom gerust eens langs, mail voor een afspraak met

Riso wallpaper by Jippiet at HOK Gallery

IN HOK #2 zine

An Iconography of Chance - Tav Falco

Billytown riso editions

Artwork by Melle de Boer

Photobook In Situ

by Bertus Gerssen

Detail of CD zine by Henk en Melle

Artwork by Melle de Boer