Vieze Gluiperds ('Dirty Sneaks') by Jip Piet

In the spirit of 19th Century criminologists, seeking to determine the physiognomy of the ‘born criminal’, all-round Rotterdam artist and illustrator Jip Piet made a series of fountain pen drawings, spitting black ink onto white paper. Portraits of archetypal creeps, sloths,

mean hypocrites, and bastards. Politicians, pop stars, dictators, and other A-list celebrities: no mercy. And there a lot of them.

Jip’s portraits, which previously graced Paradiso’s outside walls, are instantly recognizable, but all with a touch of disgust. And there’s these dirty scratches all over their faces, like a leftover from a nasty contamination. The drawings are all made in the Corona period.

Is that why? Or is it the natural-born creep just as he is?

Vieze Gluiperds the zine, with a foreword by Leonor Faber-Jonker
Limited edition of 100 (50 w/ red cover, 50 w/ black cover)
Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, Stencilwerck Edition #02
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