Stencilwerck Editions

SE#00   A year in Riso - Haagse Kunstkalender

SE#01   Alfabet Boek - G.J. de Rook SOLD OUT

SE#02   Vieze Gluiperds - Jip Piet

SE#03   In Stercore - Rik Buter & Hanna de Haan

SE#04   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland re-released 


A year in Riso - Haagse Kunstkalender

Stencilwerck invited twelve local artists to make a piece of risograph printed art, inspired by her or his own favorite month of the year. Thus, Zeloot represents the month of January by a bunch of long-tailed, excitedly inter-licking, and interlinking figurines. Equally lecherous are SOGO’s animals in the month of May. November’s loneliness is exquisitely put into picture by Melle de Boer. The Riso machine itself is featured in Rik Buter’s March contribution.

A year in Riso

by Zeloot, Saskia Tannemaat, Rik Buter, Stefanie Scholte, SOGO, Julien Guettab, Babette Wagenvoort, Niels Janssen, Father Futureback, Alice Mulder, Melle de Boer & Mehdi Rouchiche

Limited edition of 100

Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #00

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Alfabet Boek (‘Alphabet Book’) by G.J. de Rook

Exploring the limitless possibilities of Concrete Poetry, the Low Countries’ very own Concrete Poet Laureate, G.J. de Rook, comes up with a highly idiosyncratic alphabet. Literally, for the first time in history, each letter of the alphabet gets its natural, inimitable pictural expression. At once universal and strictly limited to the person of G.J. de Rook.

Not only that, but this new, never to be erased again alphabet is right away put to poetical use. Which are the words of wisdom that G.J. de Rook conveys to the pages of this beautifully executed booklet? This is for the reader to decipher. And it is also up to the reader to follow G.J. de Rook’s lead, and create his own individual alphabet in the mold of this Alphabet Book. To each his own Alphabet Book. To each his own alphabet.


Alfabet Boek

by G.J. de Rook

Limited edition of 26

Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #01


Vieze Gluiperds ('Dirty Sneaks') by Jip Piet

In the spirit of 19th Century criminologists, seeking to determine the physiognomy of the ‘born criminal’, all-round Rotterdam artist and illustrator Jip Piet made a series of fountain pen drawings, spitting black ink onto white paper. Portraits of archetypal creeps, sloths, mean hypocrites, and bastards. Politicians, pop stars, dictators, and other A-list celebrities: no mercy. And there a lot of them.

Jip’s portraits, which previously graced Paradiso’s outside walls, are instantly recognizable, but all with a touch of disgust. And there’s these dirty scratches all over their faces, like a leftover from a nasty contamination. The drawings are all made in the Corona period. Is that why? Or is it the natural-born creep just as he is?

Vieze Gluiperds

by Jip Piet with a foreword by Leonor Faber-Jonker
Limited edition of 100 (50 w/ red cover, 50 w/ black cover)
Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #02
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Rik Buter & Hanna de Haan In Stercore

At the beginning of the global pandemic Rik Buter and Hanna de Haan went into quaratine for two weeks to create enormous murals using only charcoal on big rolls of paper which they attached to the walls of Quartair, an artspace in The Hague. The starting point of the project is a saying from the alchemist world: In Stercore Invenitur, meaning so much as 'In dirt it will be found'. Either one started somewhere on the gigantic canvas and the other continued, removed or changed it along the way. The duo worked from scratch and let things happen and coincidence played an important role. Before the drawings were taken down they were photographed and the result can be seen in this artist book. In this leporello the artworks are scaled more of less exactly 1:10. Dimensions (unfolded) 369x13cm. Each leporello is uniquely marked by the artists charcoal stained fingers.

In Stercore

by Rik Buter and Hanna de Haan
Limited edition of 100
Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #03
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Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, newly illustrated by 12 local artists:

Annemarie Slobbe, Marjolijn van der Meij, Cedric ter Bals, Bernice Nauta, Malou Cohen, Jordan Herregraven, Angelika Hasse, Paul de Jong, Leonie Schneider, Niels Janssen, Melle de Boer and Lula Valletta

The 12 chapters of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (originally titled Alice's Adventures Under Ground) are distributed among 12 The Hague-based artists, who each interpret their chapter in an original, unique narrative work. These are not trained illustrators! Their works are specially made for this book edition and the artists use their own artistic practice and ideas to interpret the chapters. No rules! Surrealism has no rules. The works in the book are the base for the accompanying group exhibition in which all artists participate. The exhibition gives the opportunity to elaborate on the works created for the book; think installations and such. The idea is that the works in the exhibition go beyond the ones in the book. Artist and creative entrepreneur Lula Valletta curate the project. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is for many a first re-encounter with surrealism after losing one’s child’s imagination. Many famous artists have taken it upon themselves to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This can be seen as a step a surrealist artist just has to take after having survived the darkness of the pandemic, with its constant threat of the Corona Queen of Hearts’ death sentence, “Off with their heads!”.

It was 156 years ago when Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole. Since then, Alice and her compatriots have been reimagined countless times and inspired creative work of just about every genre. These days, it feels like we’re all down one rabbit hole or another, so it seemed just as good a time as any to pay our own tribute to Alice. Artists like Yayoi Kusama, Salvador Dali, Jan Svankmayer, and Max Ernst have all taken it upon themselves to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and now it’s our turn...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll with a foreword by Mr. Pelham
Limited edition of 200 
Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #04
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